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Competing and judging a Foreign Breed class can be a bit of a hit and miss affair - we hope to take the mystery out of it, provide a set of explainations of the main breeds judges might see in the ring, the various types and styles of riding and how an exhibitor can expect to be judged. We have a "Judging & Showing Foreign Breeds" booklet, which is a tool for all show secretaries, judges and exhibitors alike and is available to download for free (we advise printing it in booklet format). 


If shows wish to use our Rules (which they must for a qualifying class), then the schedule should simply state "judged under FBS Rules American Version" or "judged under FBS Rules English Version". This is so that both judges and exhibitors alike know what to expect before entering the show.


What are the American and English rules? The booklet explains them in greater detail, but the main difference is there is NO individual show (when ridden) under the American Rules - competitors just compete on the rail and enter the ring at TROT (or equivalent) on the left rein. Canter is usually called from the walk. NO stripping is undertaken in performance classes (whether showing under "English" or "American" rules) and can only take place in the final championships (if there is time) and competitors should be prewarned of this in the schedule. If a horse has already been presented in hand earlier (under the same judge), then it's conformation marks should be carried forward to the championships. There are also various whip rules, which change from breed to breed - for example both the Morgan Horse and the American Saddlebred Horse allows for competitors to carry whips (up to 39 inches, so in effect a schooling whip), whilst the Friesian Horse can carry a cane, but not a whip.


Within this booklet is a feedback form, which all competitors and spectators are encouraged to use, for any show holding a Foreign Breed class. This can be anonymous, if you wish, and helps us rate everything from the show ground, the judges and officials to the running of the show itself.


This booklet has been compiled from UEF and various breed society rules and regulations and combined with the differences used in "English" showing to provide a useful and working tool for you all. We have recently updated it, added 4 more breeds and extended the class terminology.

Foreign Breeds Judging BookletV3_2017.pd[...]
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Judges are encouraged to use social media to contact the individual breed societies and also to view the various aspects of good (and poor) examples of the various breeds. This is especially useful for the gaited breeds as they are not yet common in the UK show ring. Below is a GUIDE for judges - these are not meant as the best example of each breed, just a link to videos that show the various sequence of footfalls and how each breed moves in their "gaits". Most are based on the same sequence of footfalls, left hind, left fore, right hind and right fore, it is just the speed and degree of elevation that difers.

Breed Society Contacts in the UK.doc
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View the overview of the gaits HERE.

American Saddlebred - has two lateral gaits, the slow gait and the rack, the first being slower, more animated and with a slight pause between each two sets of footfalls. View the video HERE.


The Icelandic Horse - has the 4-beat tolt and the 2-beat pace. View the video for the tolt HERE.


The Paso Fino has the fino, corto and largo. View the video HERE.


The Rocky Mountain Horse has the show walk and pleasure gait. View the video HERE.



Then there is the turnout - different for each breed. The most common breeds found in the UK show ring are covered in the Judges Booklet, but again judges are encouraged to contact each breed society for more specific details. Below are links to overviews of some of the common breeds you will see in the show ring - again this is not extensive, it cannot be due to the many different foreign breeds. However, we hope it gives you an over view of the different characteristics of each breed and how they may be presented to you in the show ring.


American Saddlebred


Morgan Horse








Akhal Teke




Scaled Down Horses

2018 Championship Show

Sunday 16th September 2018 at Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex, Near Rugby, CV23 8AJ.


Sponsorship opportunities available for individual classes, group championships and ring sponsorship. 

Programme advertising and trade stands available - contact one of the Committee for more details. Schedule can be viewed below.

Timetable for the 2018 FBS (UK) Championship Show
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2018 Championship Show Schedule
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Membership is welcomed from ALL parties interested in promoting ALL Foreign Breeds in the UK, both on an individual basis, a company basis or a breed group basis.


ANY foreign breed class, at ANY show, can be a qualifier for the FBS Championship Show - remember to print off your Qualifying Card to take it with you and to get it signed at the show.

QUALIFYING CARD - Print off and take with you to shows to get signed!
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If you wish to affiliate your SHOW to FBS, simply complete and return the form below.

Affiliation Form for shows wanting to affiliate their Foreign Breed classes to the Foreign Breed Society
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