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Qualifiying for the FBS Championship Show

ANY show (from 1st August 2017) holding a Foreign Breed class, or a breed specific class (Morgan, Lusitano etc.) is eligible to be a qualifier for our 2018 FBS Championship Show. Shows do NOT currently have to be affiliated in order for competitors to qualify for the FBS Championship Show.


If you wish to affiliate your show, please complete the form below (also found on the left hand side of every page). Shows must have a minimum of 3 Foreign Breed classes (or breed specific classes, e.g. Lusitano) to be eligible to be FBS affiliated and included on our list of shows on our website.

There is NO affiliation FEE and NO lengthy wording to include in your schedule - all you need to do is say "This class (or classes X to Y) is/are a qualifier for the 2018 FBS Championship Show and will be judged under FBS American Rules (or English, as appropriate) - details   Please ensure that your judges are familiar with the FBS Rules.

That's it. Qualifying Cards are downloaded (see below and to the left) by competitors and brought to the show - the onus is on the competitor to bring the card with them, although we can provide cards if required. FBS Membership & Qualification (of the horse) IS required to compete in FBS Championship Classes (these classes are all preceeded by "championship or FBS Championship Class" in our schedule) BUT NO membership OR horse qualification is required to take part in any of the "Open" or "Miniature" classes in the FBS Championship Show.

The top 3 horses/ponies qualify and cards may be passed down the line if horses have already qualified. It is the horse that qualifies and only one qualification is needed per horse to take part in the FBS Championship Show, NOT one qualification card per class. Once qualified, horses may enter any class at the FBS Championship Show that they are eligible for.


FBS members may qualify in ANY Foreign Breed, or Breed Specific class, whether the show is affiliated or not (e.g. In a Ridden Arab class or an In Hand Foreign Breed class).


FBS Qualifying Card 2018.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [142.7 KB]
Show affiliaiton form.pdf
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2018 Championship Show

Sunday 16th September 2018 at Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex, Near Rugby, CV23 8AJ.


Sponsorship opportunities available for individual classes, group championships and ring sponsorship. 

Programme advertising and trade stands available - contact one of the Committee for more details. Schedule can be viewed below.

Timetable for the 2018 FBS (UK) Championship Show
2018 FBS show timetable.pdf
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Join us today!

FBS Membership form.pdf
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Membership is welcomed from ALL parties interested in promoting ALL Foreign Breeds in the UK, both on an individual basis, a company basis or a breed group basis.


ANY foreign breed class, at ANY show, can be a qualifier for the FBS Championship Show - remember to print off your Qualifying Card to take it with you and to get it signed at the show.

QUALIFYING CARD - Print off and take with you to shows to get signed!
FBS Qualifying Card 2018.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [161.1 KB]

If you wish to affiliate your SHOW to FBS, simply complete and return the form below.

Affiliation Form for shows wanting to affiliate their Foreign Breed classes to the Foreign Breed Society
Show affiliaiton form.pdf
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